SETRAM is a logistics multi-modal transport operator, with over 270 car carrier trucks and a network of relevant logistic platforms, both maritime terminals and inland compounds.

Our specialized services focus on added value: we identify market and clients’ needs and offer comprehensive logistics solutions.

was founded in 1982 by a group of highly experienced professionals in the field of automotive logistics. Its goal was to fulfill the needs of a growing market and of the new production facilities being implemented in Spain.

Partners Daniel Tarragona and Antonio Lamúa together with STVA in France and Ambrosetti Autologistics in Italy, both established businesses with a long track record in their respective countries, participated in the foundation.

Since its early beginnings the company operated in multi-modal projects, transporting Seat vehicles – a Fiat’s subsidiary back then – to the French border with a fleet of 12 car carrier trucks. From there they were loaded into a train bounded to Italy.

National and international expansion came soon, as did investment in logistic compounds, in order to ensure the presence in every step of the supply chain process of the finished vehicle.

In 1988, the firm built the first car terminal in the Port of Barcelona, where it still provides handling services. The firm was also a pioneer in confidential transport by means of closed car carrier trucks.