SETRAM provides road transport and distribution services. The company has a fleet of around 270 trucks for vehicle transport and distribution, both inside the Spanish market and all over Europe.

Long distance transport

The company has the required capacity for long distance transport of large vehicle volumes, from the manufacturing facilities, ports and logistics hubs to final car dealers or other destinations in the supply chain. The experience and flexibility of his human team provides for a service up to the clients’ requirements, both in the domestic and international arenas.

Distribution and local-level transport

Full on-demand web traceability complements the distribution to car dealers and the local-level transport.

Confidential trucks

Confidential trucks are exclusively designed for the transportation of prototypes, of new vehicles prior to their market release or of any vehicles requiring privacy. Trucks characteristics:

  • ♦ Galvanized paint-coated interior treatment (rust resistant)
  • ♦ Truck and trailer winch
  • ♦ Interior lighting
  • ♦ Guarantee and security seal
    ♦ Adjustable roof height
    ♦ Transport box made of rigid material

Industrial vehicle transportation

A part of the fleet is devoted to the transportation of heavy-duty and industrial vehicles. They use a bodywork that can be adapted to passenger cars. This provides for return loads optimization and decreases CO2 emissions per transported vehicle.

Buy-back and Rent-a-car fleet management

Coordination between transport, compounds, use of technology in operations and communication is key for providing a comprehensive quality service to the fleets of manufacturer and rental companies that require an intensive use of production means during short periods.